IrisCTF 2023 Was a Great Success!

Categories: announcements
by skat

IrisCTF 2023 has officially concluded. Thank you to everyone who came to our event this weekend! This was a monumental moment for IrisSec as it was our first time ever hosting a CTF. We had 1087 registered teams with a mean team size of 2.78. Our exit survey results were overwhelmingly positive with the significant majority of participants feeling that they had fun, learned a lot, and had positive experiences with our event infrastructure, challenges, and staff.

Congratulations to the top 3 teams:

  1. “Social Engineering Experts”
  2. “Fruit Ninja (gay)”
  3. “NUSHmallows”

Our staff is currently taking a breather. Winners, keep an eye out on the event Discord server as we will make a follow-up announcement regarding prize distribution soon. We have 3x Michael plush trophies, 1x Blåhaj, 3x Proxmark3 devices (Dangerous Things), and 3x Malduino 2 devices (Maltronics) for our winners.

Thank you to Google Cloud for sponsoring our infrastructure and Sideliner for generously sponsoring prizes. Without our awesome sponsors, this event would not have been possible.

We are so happy you had a great time this weekend, and we thank you for being a part of the first IrisCTF event ever! We hope to see you at the next IrisCTF in 2024. From our staff to you, happy hacking!